Hi Hoa Pham here, I’m student of SAC’s 3D modeling program (Click Here for link). Having a background in a myriad of fields of study has helped me a lot in visualizing 3D aesthetics. I took sewing just to learn how to model clothes better. I hike a lot so I notice details in environments which helps me in level design. I’ve taken a lot of physics so I understand momentum and force, which I reference to better my animations. I also took some programming(C++/C#/Java) courses which has allowed me to program my own games. Of course there’s still so much more to learn.


Game Dev Experience:
In 2016 I’ve lead my college game dev team to win people’s choice for the RPG game Finite Tower at IEEE’s Gamesig.

In 2017 I continued to lead an even bigger team of about 20 members with a game called “Battle on the Bridge” to win “Best Engineered Game” and “Most Charming” at IEEE’s Gamesig.

What now?
I’m currently working on a longboarding mobile game to enter into GDWC(Game Developer’s World Championship). I heard finalists get a free trip to Finland, so….that’s why haha.

I’m also now an owner of an escape room(Adventure Escape) and a longboard(Cloud City Crusin) start up company. Starting these companies has opened my eyes to business, planning, networking, and even people skills, which is nice since my dream has always been making a game studio.



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